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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Todd Colby

Todd Colby's Glee Farm

It is possible that what I'm about to do breaks some rules, but I want to type out one of Todd Colby's poems. It is called "My Music"

My thigh bone
is actually a bell
and I ring it sometimes late at night.
I wait until everyone has gone to sleep
and then i tiptoe into the anteroom
sit down in my rocker
and poor myself a glass of Nyquil.
After I'm feeling drowsy from the medicine
I peel back the skin and muscle from my thigh
with a pair of cheap tweezers
from an old Operation game
and tap the bell inside
with a tiny brass
xylophone mallet.
This is my music.

We have recently moved to a new room in Clapton, Hackney. It's good to be back in East London, and we're ever so close to the studio. The trouble is the Internet is fluctuant, so there may be long gaps between posts coming up.
I have left behind my great René Magritte poster...

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