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Saturday, 22 August 2009


As a person in search of furniture, this set of drawers took my interest.

It belongs to Valentin Loellmann, of Germny and the Netherlands.

And a very good idea by Karen Ray, found on Dezeen

"The Whittle Chair", she says, "All it requires is a penknife and an unwanted chair."
In do-it-yourself style. So I'm on the look out for discarded wooden household objects to whittle at with my penknife.
Once, though i admit it isn't whittling, i made use of a discarded slender wooden lamp and painted it a grim seaweed green and attached to it thorns from a dead rose bush. It was beautiful but it also took one by surprise in the dark and eventually when I gave it to Louisiana, her father proudly removed each and every thorn as a measure of protecting his daughter.
No photographic evidence remains, but an idea that could be recycled.

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