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Sunday, 26 July 2009


I've completed another sixteen page storyboard this weekend for Butter Mouth, and for that reason only managed two of the four things that had to be done.
On Friday night I stopped by to see Emma Puntis at The Supplement Gallery. Beer in an ice bucket and plenty of portraiture. It rains so often in London. Every day, I might add. And for compensation there have been a few great arcs of rainbow over Hackney.
The V&A spent two days without me.
I played some poker in Maida Vale with good friends who lightened the tension with twiglets and chocolate muffins. We each contributed 20 pence to the prize for we were all novices. Besides, whilst watching Rudo and Cursi this afternoon, I realized a Poker addiction can leave you with only one leg.
China Town fed me during a drizzle. Could there be anything tastier than pork dumplings?

And as for tomorrow, I'm moving in to a new corner of a studio in Dalston!


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