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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Slepé lásky

I watched a film with Emma and Jack not long ago. "Blind Loves". It is screening at the ICA till tomorrow. If you have a chance to be there, I recommend it. It's very moving.

Here is the review from Time Out magazine:

"Deliberately intimate, while never invasive, it’s a film that allows and shows vulnerability while never exploiting it. The linking theme, ostensibly that of the special course of love and romance for touch and sound-oriented unsighted people, slowly emerges as something more general: a meditation on the essentials of social identity, attachment, feeling and pleasure. It’s elevated no end by the adventurousness of the filmmaking, including some arresting, often beautiful, formal framings by cinematographer Juraj Chlpík and Juraj Lehotsky’s audacious use of animation and superimposition."

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