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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Edward Krasinski

I have memories from the sandpit days in Zalesie (the woods outside Warsaw) of Edzio, my mother's cousin's father. I was afraid of him. I was also afraid of the lady in the kitchen with the red hair. And of some of the dogs. I would feel very nervous at the prospect of going up the dark staircase to the attic where all the sculptures lurked in the shadows. And the house, always smelled like soup. But I didn't know then that this was one of the most important premises in the history of Polish art at the time.
One long summer we stayed in the little concrete shoe box in the garden and cut masks out of paper. I remember watching the wasps get stuck in bowls of honey and slowly drown.

Edward Krasinski is renowned for his blue line. The blue line is adhesive tape and no matter where it ended up, it was always placed at a height of 130cm. Some of this blue line lives at my cousin's home in Warszawa.

He died in 2004 and I regretted very much never making my adult self known to him. I imagine he would only recall me as one of the noises in the garden. But I understand he was very much involved in his own thoughts and wouldn't really have had time for his admiring relatives.
His appartment has since been transformed into a gallery.
Funnily, it sits on the eleventh floor of an ugly block of flats. You wouldn't think anything of it till you took a ride up the rickety elevator and entered the appartment.

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