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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pet - one who is excessively loyal to their superior

There is a mouse in the cupboard called Gerald. He has made a hole through the cupboard wall into the chimney and lives there. He probably has tunneled access to the rest of the house too, as someone has mentioned seeing him in the kitchen.
We met last night as he was shuffling about behind my suitcase. I fetched him a biscuit and left it in the cupboard for him to enjoy as a midnight snack. Instead, he woke me at four o'clock this morning with a cacophony of bag rustling and frantic nibbling. I turned the lights on and discovered him inside an old blue-white-stripe-bag eating toast! (This toast was a snack I saved for birds or ducks on the off chance I should be visiting a pond.) He hadn't touched the biscuit.
Gerald is about the same size as the Hedgehog I bought for my friend Louisiana. He is made by Miss Bumbles who sells various felt animalesque characters.

I'm going to open up a shop on Etsy soon.


  1. Hello!
    I discovered you through the wonder Bear & Swan illustration you did for Bat for Lashes. Your artwork is great, and it would be fantastic if you openend an Etsy shop!

  2. Thanks! I'll let you know when it comes to be!

  3. haha, i thought at the end of your post, that you were going to say you had made a voodoo mouse to get rid of him :) tee hee