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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Jamie Wieck DOES

Jamie Wieck, or Jam/Jamborine/Jampster as I sometimes call him, is my friend from the Central Saint Martin days. We met on a stop motion project in our first year and I was quite mesmerized by his troubles which I convinced him to tell me over a bar of Twix chocolate in the canteen at the end of the day. (Though I confess, I can no longer remember what those troubles were, so evidently they weren't too grave or persistent. Thank goodness!)

Jamie Wieck is an extremely successful graphic designer, he works for Airside and he's always DOING something, or MAKING something, or MENDING it, or INVENTING something amazing. He possesses confounding amounts of enthusiasm and persistence and those are tremendously important qualities in a designer and I ought to model myself on his methods.

I am the proud owner of this piece... "American Gothic"

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