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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Dancing in grass

This image belongs to "Shorpy". What a phenomenal pose! This is Madame Lubouska... I wonder which direction she was going in. Seems as though she could glide foward, fall backward, or just be lifted up to the sky on a thread.

I realise I am getting old because when I register my information online, and select my date of birth, I have to scroll down in the drop down menu to find 1984. It used to just be there, easy reach. I've fallen from the top 18 list.
And all this dawns on me because I am eating ORGANIC MELTDOWN chocolate and have discovered that I have a saved a TREE! So I am just registering myself in order to become acquainted with the tree I have saved. Not being a vegetarian like almost everybody else these days, this is pretty much the best I can do.

By the by, my tree is in Ecuador, and its home to frogs.

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