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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Why Foxes?

Recently somebody asked me; "Why foxes?" and I couldn't patch together any sort of reason, but I did think of this book I read when tiny. It is the story of Mrs. Fox's Wedding...

“She was very pretty, was Mrs. Fox, and as smart a young vixen as you could wish to meet. But now she was sitting in her room a-weeping, because Mr. Fox was dead”

So I imagine these illustrations by Errol Le Cain were rather influential. A fox with nine tails? What a notion! I wish I had thought of that. There must have been a time long ago when having basic new ideas was so groundbreaking. Lately, so much has already been thought and said and done, that there's really no use for so many human beings to exist.
I'm actually considering changing our names to Mr and Mrs Fox...
On the bus I finished reading Breakfast at Tiffany's (again) but good thing I read it twice because I must have gotten it completely mixed up with some other novel involving meals at Tiffany's, and was therefore pleasantly surprised; it was as though I'd never read it before.
When I hear 'Moonriver', though, I always well up with tears. It is enchanted.

Which reminds me of a German I met on a bus in Spain, who kept delighting in his pronunciation of the word 'Encantado', tho he turned it in to 'In-Cun-Taaaaaaaaaaaa-Daaaaaaaaaaaw' with too much breath and too little toothpaste.

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